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Posted on 09.22.21

Order Takeout Pies Tonight From &pizza, Now Open Near The Shelby

&pizza locations are popping up everywhere around down, and for good reason. Fans of the signature oval pies can’t get enough of the handcrafted dough and unique topping combinations of this fast-growing chain. The options at &pizza eat like a meal, with tons of meats, veggies, and saucy extras for a balanced flavor experience. Try the pepperoni and hot honey topped with arugula and goat cheese, pineapple jack’d with sticky sweet barbecue sauce and bacon, or the dirty bird with chicken, ranch, and buffalo sauce. Some of the options rely on classic sub fillings, and the pizza’s oval shape makes it easy for you to fold and eat on the go for a part pizza/part sandwich masterpiece. 

The newest location of &pizza is located on King Street in Alexandria, just a quick 6 miles from The Shelby. There is plenty of space for dine-in seating, plus &pizza has all of their pies well-displayed online for easy ordering and customization.