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Posted on 05.30.21

Sip Beans Sourced From Panama at Vía Volcán

Vía Volcán roughly translates to “volcano road,” so it might seem like an odd name for a coffee shop. But take a deeper look at the shop’s backstory, and the moniker will make perfect sense. All of the beans sold at this newly debuted storefront hail from the owners’ family coffee farm in Panama, which happens to be located along the slopes of a volcano.

This location provides the perfect microclimate for growing delicious coffee, from the temperature of the air to the composition of the soil. Once it’s ready for harvest, the family plucks their crop by hand and then lets the beans bathe in the sun until they’re dry. After roasting them in small batches here in Virginia, the beans are bagged and ready for sale at the storefront. Feel free to ask about the different varieties if you come in to pick some up! You can also read up on the options online then place an order for delivery or in-store pickup.