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Posted on 04.29.21

Savor Specialty Sushi at The Handover in Alexandria

Need a fun, cool, new place to get sushi? Look no further than The Handover located not far from The Shelby! Here, you’ll enjoy a Japanese sushi experience in a relaxed environment. The chefs are serious about their art, and ¬†they create each individual sushi roll with love and care.

You will be seated at the bamboo bar area with optimal exposure to the happenings within the kitchen. Watch as your specialty sushi roll is being artfully crafted, making your visit much more than just a dining experience. Some of the most popular sushi rolls include the spicy salmon avocado, the spicy tuna, scallop nigiri, yellowtail sashimi, and the sashimi deluxe plate with samplings of many different types of sushi rolls.

Stop by this weekend to treat yourself to some high-quality Japanese cuisine!