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Posted on 02.23.21

Java Is All in the Family at Via Volcan Coffee

Ask a barista at Via Volcan Coffee anything about the beans they brew, and chances are they’ll be able to give you a detailed answer. That’s because this new indie coffee shop only sells and brews beans that have been grown on the owners’ family farm in Panama. They have complete control over the entire process, from the handpicking and sun-drying of the beans to the small-batch roasting nearby.

Don a mask and stop at the cafe to try a cup of the coffee, carefully brewed to bring out its bold flavors, or perhaps an oat milk latte infused with a punch of smooth espresso. If you taste something you love, grab a bag of beans to bring home with you. You’re also welcome to order bags of coffee online and pick them up at the store or have them shipped right to your doorstep.