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Posted on 01.22.21

Now Open Near The Shelby: Sisters Thai

When you’re choosing a particular cuisine, you expect authenticity. And in the modern age, you expect something that looks as good as it tastes. After all, how else will you fill your Instagram feed if not with your favorite foods? 

Fortunately, the newly opened Sisters Thai location here in Alexandria offers all of the above and more. You’ll find delicious, genuine Asian dishes with consistent flavors and quality with each visit. Early visitors have already identified their favorite popular dishes, like the classic drunken noodle, pad Thai, pad see ew, and spring rolls. 

But your choices at Sisters Thai aren’t limited to savory options. With the Magnolia Cafe and Dessert Bar offerings, you’ll find dessert toasts, croissants, cheesecake, crepes, and dessert toasts, plus classic Thai options like sweet sticky rice and mango or mochi. 

Whenever you visit Sisters Thai, you’ll be met with tasty, authentic flavors at each visit, from wonton soup to waffles.