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Posted on 12.16.20
King & Rye

Have Dinner in an Igloo at King & Rye

If rich Southern food had a season, this would be it. Nothing is more inviting during this hectic time of year than a hearty meal of classic comfort food. King & Rye is a new spot in town, but there is nothing new about their menu of traditional dishes. Stop in for weekend brunch of house smoked bacon benedict, cast iron cinnamon rolls, and Anson Mills coarse grits along with perfectly boozy morning libations. The dinner menu (served Wednesday through Saturday) includes more sumptuous fare, including beef cheek pot roast, Shenandoah Valley chicken, and lovely accompaniments to pass and share amongst the table. The menu at King & Rye is refined and classy, and punctuated by a lovely whiskey offering of both aged bourbons and fine ryes. 

You may have also heard about their Winter Wonderland Igloo experience, wherein you get to sit amongst the stars in your own private lighted bubble. Finally a benefit from the pandemic! Visit the website to preview the menu at this great new Alexandria restaurant, or to make reservations for your Igloo experience.