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Posted on 10.30.20
Mount Purrnon

Bring a Love for Kitties and Coffee to Mount Purrnon, Now Open in Alexandria

Cats and coffee, anyone? It’s official, the first cat cafe in Alexandria is officially open! Mount Purrnon is the most recent addition to the cat cafe scene in the greater DC area, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to town. 

The way it works is you book a time, hourly, to hang out with all the adorable adoptable kitties that are calling Mount Purrnon home for now. The cafe partners with a local organization, Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team, to introduce rescue cats to their new owners. There are many people that visit for a coffee, and end up falling in love with a cat as an added bonus!

After spending some time with the cats, you can enjoy a delicious bite from the cafe. They have everything from Caprese sandwiches on a baguette to coconut mango chia pudding. 

No reservations are required, but if you do want to play with the cats without a wait, you may want to make a reservation prior to your visit to save some time.