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Posted on 09.15.20
African American Heritage Memorial Park

African American Heritage Memorial Park: A Place for Contemplation

African American Heritage Memorial Park is so much more than a pretty place to take a walk or sit and read. The site includes a 19th century African American cemetery, with 21 known burial sites and six identifiable headstones. Who were these departed souls, and what was their life like? How did they contribute to the community in Alexandria, a city that you so fondly call home? During this important time in American history, there is a local place that you can go for reflection and contemplation.

African American Heritage Memorial Park includes the cemetery, plus walking trails, sitting areas, and wetland. Throughout the grounds, impressive memorial sculptures dot the landscape courtesy of DC artist, Jerome Meadows. Perhaps most well-known are the bronze trees titled “Truths that Rise from the Roots Remembered.” Start there, and then continue your path of discovery and understanding through the rest of the park. Find the entrance to African American Heritage Memorial Park on Holland Lane, less than three miles away from The Shelby.