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Posted on 05.15.20
Firehook Bakery

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth at Firehook Bakery

Baking at home can fun, but sometimes you just want to sit back and relax while enjoying professionally-baked bread, cookies, or brownies. Next time you want to enjoy freshly baked goods, consider ordering from Firehook Bakery.

This Alexandria shop has been a local favorite for fifteen years, thanks to its unique baking niche. You see, in addition to breads and desserts, Firehook is particularly well known for its made-from scratch crackers. Choose from varieties like garlic-thyme, rosemary sea salt, multigrain flax, and more. Regulars say the crackers are great for topping with cheese, dipping in hummus, or even on their own. Prefer something sweet? No problem. Firehook produces a wide variety of chewy cookies (try the coconut cherry chocolate chip cookies for a truly decadent treat) and unique, signature brownies that are rolled thin and baked like cookies.

Online ordering and delivery are both available.