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Posted on 02.20.20
Tea Serves Banh Mi

Spill The Tea Serves Banh Mi, Boba Tea and More Near The Shelby

If you stop at Spill The Tea just to grab a quick drink, you’re missing out. This modern little café certainly has an impressive variety of Asian-style specialty teas, but it is also serves as a lunch or early-dinner spot. The food offering is limited, but you won’t mind. Spill The Tea has spring and summer rolls, ramen, pho, and banh mi, and each is so memorable, you’ll want to have them again and again. The soups come in either vegan or meatier iterations, as does the banh mi, and Spill The Tea also dishes up a beef stew that’s as good as mom’s. 

The food options are all reasonably priced, leaving you plenty of money left over to get a specialty tea and as many toppings as you like. The oolong or taro milk teas are best with boba, and the Vietnamese iced coffee is expertly accented by a float of sea salt crema on top. Find the café (daily operating hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) on East Braddock Road in Old Town West, and come hungry!