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Posted on 12.06.18
Shadowland Laser Adventures

Face Off Against Friends at Shadowland Laser Adventures

Stepping into the arena at Shadowland Laser Adventures is almost like stepping into an alternate universe. The shadowy space pulses with dim, multi-colored light. It shifts constantly and illuminates billows of fog as they roll through the arena. Music pumps through the space. You might see a hazy figure flit across your line of sight—it’s an opponent, out to take down you and your team.

There’s only one thing to do: aim your laser beam at them and hope it hits their vest. They’ll be doing the same to you! Shadowland Laser Adventures boasts a sprawling indoor arena with plenty of places to hide from your competitors, thanks to its carpeted ramps, towers, alleys, and bridges. Before you actually enter the arena, a game master will give you a rundown on the equipment and the scoring system, so you’ll know exactly what you’re walking into.