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Posted on 09.10.18
Hooray For Books!

Find Your Next Read at Hooray For Books!

Ellen Klein has played many roles over the years—writer, archaeologist, even NASA intern—but "bookworm" has always been her favorite. That's why she decided to open Hooray For Books! in 2008. She launched the independent shop not only to stock trending books, but also to host special events that highlight how fun reading can be.

Some of these events unfold every week, like the storytime for kids. Twice a week, parents can bring their youngsters to Hooray For Books! to enjoy live readings of new and classic tales. In addition to the kid-friendly events, Hooray For Books! also hosts reading clubs for adults and teens. So whether you're looking for something new to read or you want to meet up with a few fellow book lovers, Alexandria's Hooray For Books! can help.

Public Domain/Pixabay/congerdesign