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Posted on 05.15.18
Cheese, Charcuterie and Fine Wines

La Fromagerie: Cheese, Charcuterie and Fine Wines

A blend of sheep and goat's milk crafted into a creamy washed-rind cheese called the Noah's Arcade. A firm cow's milk cheese with hints of grass and mushrooms known as the Square Bale. A goat's milk blue cheese aged for 120 days and dubbed the Black n Blue. These are just some of the locally sourced cheeses on the menu at La Fromagerie.

They mingle with other artisan cheeses from around the country, including many from the renowned cheese-producing state of Wisconsin. Complemented by your choice of gourmet meats, dried fruit, chutney, and toasted bread, the cheeses make for a delicious tasting board. Design your own cheese and meat board or order some of the other light bites offered at La Fromagerie, then choose a glass of wine from a list that includes an ever-changing rotation of more than 20 options.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Timbigger