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Posted on 04.10.18
PIES Fitness Yoga Studio

PIES Fitness Yoga Studio: Take Your Practice at Any Pace

Maybe you don't think you're fit enough to come to a traditional yoga class. You're in luck, because there's nothing traditional about the classes at PIES Fitness Yoga Studio. Its team creates an all-inclusive space where everyone is welcome to push the limits of their athletic abilities, whatever those limits may be. Case in point: My Body Don't Bend That Way.

As you can probably guess from its name, My Body Don't Bend That Way caters to folks who aren't as flexible as they'd like to be—yet. Whether it's due to age, a few months out of practice, or an injury, these yogis will feel comfortable and safe attending this slow-flowing class, which offers ample modifications. Yogis on the other end of the spectrum who crave a challenging class should sign up for hot power yoga, an up-tempo class performed in a heated studio to deepen the practice and get you sweating out toxins.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP