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Posted on 11.02.15
Green Living at The Shelby

Green Living at The Shelby

At The Shelby, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and creating a sustainable environment for our residents.




The Shelby has reduced its environmental footprint through the use of energy and water efficient equipment and implementation of ongoing sustainable operational practices. By living at The Shelby, you will pay less for utilities and have the opportunity to live a low-impact and sustainable lifestyle.


Below are the ways that The Shelby helps you to live GREEN:






Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The Shelby has designated 20 preferred parking spaces for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles.  Parking spaces are the spaces closest to the main entrance to the building.  Preferred parking provides an incentive that encourages more fuel efficient vehicles.



Landscape Irrigation

There is a total of 34,234 sf of landscaped area at The Shelby.  Most landscaped areas are irrigated using drip irrigation.  In addition, locally adaptive plants have been specified to reduce irrigation demand. The efficient landscaping design results in an estimated 63,901 gallons of water per year.





Energy Efficiency

The building’s energy efficiency features include the following:

  • lighting occupancy sensors in common areas and the parking garage
  • energy efficient parking garage lighting
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • reflective TPO roofing material
  • energy efficient vinyl windows
  • water efficient fixtures that reduce hot water consumption (showerheads, bathroom lavs, kitchen faucets)

The Shelby saves an estimated 21.41% in energy cost.





Plumbing Fixtures

Water efficient plumbing fixtures were installed in residential units resulting in an estimated 3,311,730 gallons of water savings per year.  These savings are due to 1.28 gpf toilets, 1.5 gpm kitchen faucets, 1 gpm bathroom faucets and 1.75 gpm showerheads.



ShelbySweep SQ

Transportation Demand Management

The Shelby has implemented a number of measures to reduce single occupant vehicle trips from the site.  These include providing transit information to residents, ridesharing promotion, and an onsite business center.  The project has also designated a transportation management coordinator to manage the transportation demand management program.

The Shelby has the following amenities to help reduce the use of cars as well as single occupant vehicle trips:

  • Complimentary pre-loaded SmarTrip cards for all new move-ins.
  • 20 preferred parking spaces for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Custom bike racks.
  • Bike FixIt Stations located near on-site bike storage.
  • On-site bike storage.
  • REAL time transit screen located in The Shelby Lobby and on The Shelby’s website.
  • Transit Display rack that features WMATA maps, Fairfax Connector Bus Maps, Bike Route Maps for Fairfax County and Arlington County, and The Shelby’s own neighborhood map of important landmarks, restaurants, shopping, the Huntington METRO station and more.
  • Transit-oriented programming to educate and engage residents of The Shelby in the many ways you can get around the area without using a car such as our #RideTheYellowLine Campaign and #TheShelbyDiet Campaign.





Low VOC Finishes

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that are emitted into the air by a number of building materials including paints, adhesives, sealants and carpeting. These VOCs can be a respiratory irritant and health hazard to building occupants.  The Shelby was built using low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants thereby creating a healthier indoor environment.


TO LEARN MORE about The Shelby’s GREEN LIVING initiatives, you can ask our Leasing Team at The Shelby.  You can also visit Green Living Online to find out additional ways that you can live GREEN.