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Posted on 07.20.15
#TheShelbyDiet Daily Challenges

7.20 – 7.26 // #TheShelbyDiet Daily Challenges – 12 DAYS LEFT

Throughout the month of July, we’re announcing daily activities on The Shelby Facebook Page for you to earn points by living a car-lite, local lifestyle.*


These points will earn you the chance to win awesome prizes, including a custom bicycle from REPUBLIC BIKESCurb credits, and gift cards to local spots like PACERS and SPOKES.


We have also started to announce WEEKLY WINNERS to keep you motivated this month! Each Monday in July we will announce a weekly winner on The Shelby Facebook Page that is selected from the TOP THREE point earners during the previous week.**


ShelbyDiet Template



Check out this week’s activities below and post a photo of yourself participating on social media using the hashtag #TheShelbyDiet.




7/20         It’s HOT outside! Dip your feet in The Shelby pool and take a pic 🙂


7/21          COMMUTE // Show us how you get to/from work today ONLY if it’s part of living CAR-LITE!

RIDESHARE // Fairfax Rideshare Tuesday


7/22         TELEWORK // Show us where you TELEWORK!  Is it at The Shelby, a local coffee shop, or someplace really unique?  Take a pic and show us!


7/23         SHELBY EVENT // Thirsty Thursday (6-8)

SHOW US that you know where The Shelby Bus Stop is located!  Take a picture and post it!


7/24        JULY is National Ice Cream Month!  Celebrate with some ice cream and take a pic!


7/25        WALK, RUN, or BIKE // Mt. Vernon Trail or Huntley Meadows Park which was recently voted one of the BEST PARKS to walk by Washingtonian Magazine


7/26        Use your CURB Credit to RideHAIL somewhere today!



REMEMBER#TheShelbyDiet Daily Challenges earn you TWO POINTS and any time you go CAR-LITE or go to one of the FREE (or almost free) events listed on #TheShelbyDiet Calendar, you earn 1 POINT!


THREE WINNERS will be announced on August 5*.  Check out the full details on our BLOG and get ready for THE BEST DIET EVER!


*Restrictions may apply.  See leasing agent for details. 

**Winners will be announced on Monday’s in July by 8 pm EST.