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Posted on 03.06.15
Mount Eagle


The area around The Shelby has been known as Mount Eagle since the 1700’s and is rich in American history.  Mount Eagle was the home of Lord Bryan Fairfax, eighth Lord Fairfax Cameron and boyhood friend of George Washington.  Lord Bryan Fairfax named this area Mount Eagle because of the high elevation of the land that provided beautiful views of the Potomac River and the nature that surrounds it.


Mount Eagle, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA, was the home of Bryan Fairfax.


During The Revolutionary War the Fairfax family remained loyal to the Crown.  Bryan Fairfax used all influence to dissuade his friend and neighbor, George Washington, from rebelling against Britain.



Although they had a difference of opinion, they always remained close friends. George Washington’s last meal away from Mount Vernon, on December 7, 1799, was at Mount Eagle.  Lord Fairfax remained at Mount Eagle until his death in 1802.



After the death of Lord Fairfax, Mount Eagle passed through a few additional owners, including a gentleman named Court Johnson, who owned Mount Eagle during the American Civil War .  Court Johnson allowed for Fort Lyon to be constructed on this property during the Civil War in 1861.



Mount Eagle was demolished in 1968, and the land is now used for the Montebello Condominium and the Huntington Metro Station.  Although the land is being used for modern housing and transportation, you can still experience the spirit of Mount Eagle.


 Photo Credit: Richard Hausler

Bald eagles that nest along the nearby shores of the Potomac River can be seen circling high above The Shelby neighborhood.  This incredible image is a photo that was recently taken in this area by Rick Hausler, CEO of Insight Property Group – Owners and Developers of The Shelby.