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Posted on 02.19.15

The Shelby Artists: Brittany Sims

As you have read in previous posts, an intrinsic element of The Shelby community is the people that helped create it.  These artists and craftsmen are the people that have actualized our vision.  It is important to us that we share with you the stories behind the talented people that have dedicated their time to creating a place for you to call home.


Welcome to our series, The Shelby Artists.






 Painter, Brittany Sims

We think Brittany Sims is an incredibly talented artist on so many levels.   Brittany is a fine artist creating casual art for the contemporary collector.


Located in Washington, DC, Brittany specializes in many different styles of painting and sees each commission as an opportunity to expand upon and to challenge her aesthetic.


Brittany has studied at Tulane University and Fordham, as well as the New York Studio School, where her work won the prestigious Hohenberg Travel Grant. This enabled her to spend a summer studying art in London, which culminated in a final show at the New York Studio School in January 2011.


Brittany was selected as one of 2011’s Artist in Residence at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland. As an Artist in residence, Brittany was featured in a gallery show alongside a select group of notable, young, up and coming artists from the Washington, DC area. She has also completed a 2 month residency as a Bresler Resident at VisArts in Rockville, MD, and is recently had a solo show at Bethesda ArtWorks in Bethesda, MD.


Brittany also works as a subcontractor for various Washington, DC design and finishing firms. Brittany has been involved with both high end finishings and fine art at such restaurants as Lincoln, Sax, Irish Whiskey, Capitale, and Pacifico – as well as numerous private and residential projects in the DC area. Her original paintings can be seen on public display at Capitale, Irish Whiskey, Sax, and in private collections throughout the area.




We had the opportunity to speak with Brittany about her work featured in The Shelby. 


1. What piece(s) do you have in The Shelby and what was the inspiration behind each piece?

bsims model unit

This piece is an old ad for Prespodent toothpaste that I found in a magazine from the 1940’s.  I wanted this piece to be really fun to go with the rest of SwatchRoom‘s decor and create a whimsical happy living space.   You can see this piece in the 2 BR/2 BA model unit.





This mural is inspired by the iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada’ sign, which originated in 1959.  This mural greets The Shelby residents as they enter the parking garage for a very warm welcome!




You can’t have a welcome mural without a farewell mural!  This mural, inspired by vintage signage gives all residents and fond farewell as they leave The Shelby.  The welcome mural and farewell mural are located directly across from one another in the parking garage.

If you look closely enough at the ‘Shelby’ lettering and detail above the word ‘Shelby’, you can see painted segments of the amazing artwork and textures featured throughout The Shelby by other artists and designers.  For example, the ‘S’ in ‘Shelby’ is a sample of the Gear Wall by SwatchRoom, which you can learn more about HERE.




This mural, located on the back wall of the loading dock, was selected by the team at Insight Property Group and painted by Sims.  Insight was looking for a large vintage-style mural of an American Flag to reflect the ‘America Restyled’ tagline for The Shelby.

You will also notice that along the side walls of the loading dock, there are several quotes painted on the wall.  All of the quotes were selected because each of them have something to do with moving – whether it’s moving to a new place or moving forward with your life, we wanted to create a very special feeling for residents when the doors opened to the loading dock.



Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.28.27 AM

Located behind the Lobby Welcome Desk, you will find the above mural.  This mural was designed to look like an old newspaper classified ad for a Shelby Cobra.




The ‘Bark & Bubbles’ mural can be found on the stairwell on your way to the dog grooming area.  The styling of this mural and muted palette was based on a 1950’s salon with design reflective of vintage signage.



2. What does ‘Americana’ mean to you?

‘Americana’ can be a lot of different things, which is why it and America itself are so great.  For me, I find a lot of inspiration in women, lifestyles, and marketing practices of bygone decades. The photos, ads, and articles I base my work on are my favorite bits of “Americana”.


We, of course, invite you to stop by The Shelby to see Brittany’s pieces in-person.  If you are a resident of The Shelby, please walk around the property to check-out all these great murals.  You can find out more about Brittany and her work by visiting her website, following her on Twitter, or visiting her Facebook page.


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