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Posted on 01.09.15
Roxanne Christie

The Shelby Artists: Roxanne Christie

We are kicking off 2015 with more introductions to the talent behind all of the artwork and installations in The Shelby.


As you have read in our previous posts, an intrinsic element of The Shelby community is the people that helped create it.  These artists and craftsmen are the people that have actualized our vision.  It is important to us that we share with you the stories behind the talented people that have dedicated their time to creating a place for you to call home.


Welcome to our series, The Shelby Artists.







 Artist, Roxanne Christie by RAS.


Roxanne Christie enjoyed a unique evolution into an artist. After studying the human art form and receiving a Masters degree in Physiology from Howard University in Washington, DC, Roxanne decided to pursue what she truly loved….the arts.


Creativity and art are her passions, and she loves opportunities to use her talent to positively impact the lives of others. Her inspiration is drawn from nature, textile, and travel abroad and both her decorative work and her fine art work reflects that.  Roxanne is currently the Principal Finisher at SwatchRoom.


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Roxanne Christie about her work featured in The Shelby. 


1. What piece do you have in The Shelby?

Silent Season which is made up of two pieces mounted on either side of the Lobby entrance.  The pieces are acrylic on wood.



2. What was the inspiration behind this piece?

My inspiration is drawn from nature, textile, and travel abroad. The inspiration behind Silent Season is ‘americana’.  I used this piece to translate what ‘americana’ means to me through those channels.




2. What does ‘Americana’ mean to you?

When I think of the word Americana it reminds me of a quilt. It is a mixture ideas, traditions, stories, habits, colors, and objects that all come together to remind us of America and its uniqueness. It envelops us in comfort and pride. It is a reminder of what makes this country so free, strong, and full of inspiration and love. It symbolizes growth and evolution and triumph. It reminds me of me.



We invite you to stop by The Shelby to see Roxanne’s pieces in-person.  You can also find out more about Roxanne and her work by visiting the SwatchRoom website.


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