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Posted on 10.23.14

The Shelby Artists: SwatchRoom

As you have read in our previous posts, an intrinsic element of The Shelby community is the people that helped to create it.  These ‘artists and craftsmen’ are the people that have actualized our vision.  It is important to us that we share with you the stories behind the talented people that have dedicated their time to creating a place for you to call home.


Welcome to our series, The Shelby Artists.





SwatchRoom,  based out of Washington, D.C., is an interiors, furniture, lighting, 3d art, and creative design firm focused on experiential concept design. Specialties include fabrication, finishes, art curation, prototypes, and builds. SwatchRoom is most proud of what they do because they make what they design. The interdisciplinary nature of our business compels authentically custom results. Their attention to detail and their craft is what made SwatchRoom a perfect fit for assisting with the design and curation of art for The Shelby.
Swatchroom founders, Maggie O’Neill and Warren Weixler, have over 20 years of combined experience in the creative industry. They believe that collaboration with creatives of all types, only makes the industry stronger. Their desire to collaborate provides a wider array of services, a much greater network of talent, and access to the world’s best artisans and crafts people.
SwatchRoom not only designed and fabricated multiple installations for The Shelby, but they also curated artwork from their network of  locally based SwatchRoom Artists that includes Dominique Fierro, James Kerns, Clifton Henri, Brandon Hill, Brittany Sims, Roxanne Christie, Maggie O’Neill, Chris Cooley, Cristina Montes, Cory Oberndorfer, and Gregg Deal.



We recently had the opportunity to speak with SwatchRoom about their work featured in The Shelby. 


1. What piece(s) do you have in The Shelby and what was the inspiration behind each piece?



EXTERIOR CANOPY at The Shelby Front Entrance: Location – Hyper-focus was placed on the immediate surrounding Neighborhoods to the Shelby Apartment Building. The canopy illustrates where the building is located by showing The Shelby logo on a large map of the Huntington Neighborhood. The canopy map was printed on nine large alumacore panels allowing for a total 7′ x 36′ installation.



AMERICAN FLAG located in The Shelby Lobby – One can’t speak of ‘Americana’ without referencing a vintage American flag. However, for this installation a literal translation of the flag seemed too expected. Swatchroom decided to build a referential flag out of parts that are also part of the ‘Americana’ vibe. The flag is made from all types of light lenses to reference the stars and repurposed bowling alley lanes to reference the stripes.



GEAR WALL SCULPTURE located in The Shelby Lobby: Industrial Revolution – The inventors, engineers, and revolutionaries of the industrial age set the ground work for all of the early machinery, vehicles, and tools of which quite a bit of our current society has been built. The two large gear wall sculptures were built to pay homage to these people and our country’s past.




VINTAGE MAILBOX 3D ART in The Shelby Mail Room: Ornate Vintage Mailbox Fronts – The mailbox art installations draw inspiration from the numerous decades of mailbox design, type, color, material, and style. 132 uniquely different fronts were created to represent a visual timeline of mailbox aesthetics throughout history.


2. What does ‘Americana’ mean to SwatchRoom?
Americana is the unmistakable reference to this country’s heritage. Although, depending on what part of the county you are from, the references and heritage could and does change. The term is broad enough to allow most people to identify, however to each individual Americana can be specific based on personal memories and experiences.

We invite you to stop by The Shelby to see these incredible installations in-person.  You can also find out more about SwatchRoom by visiting the portfolio on their website.  We recommend following all of their projects on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can also get a daily dose of inspiration from their design blog, Tastefully Jammed.


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