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Posted on 09.09.14
Cory Oberndorfer

The Shelby Artists: Cory Oberndorfer

As we have mentioned in previous posts, an intrinsic element of The Shelby community is the people that helped to create it.  These ‘artists and craftsmen’ are the people that have actualized our vision.  It is important to us that we share with you the stories behind the talented people that have dedicated their time to creating a place for you to call home.


Welcome to our new series, The Shelby Artists.



“Cory Oberndorfer’s art seems to be all about indulgence. And it may well be.”

– The Washington Post


Cory Oberndorfer is a contemporary artist, based in Washington DC,  whose work combines the all-female sport of Roller Derby with the nostalgic innocence of candy and sweets in a pop art style.  Cory’s work was a perfect selection by the curators at SwatchRoom.  Oberndorfer is obsessed with americana, pop culture, and sweets.  Those are three things we can definitely get behind at The Shelby!


Cory has a cult following in the local art scene.  The design blog, Tastefully Jammed, recently profiled his work in their Creative Crush Series.  He has had popular solo exhibits all over the area including “Pop: Sucker” at Hierarchy, “(e)merge art fair‘ by DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, and currently “Pop Everlasting” at BlackRock Center for the Arts, in which Orberndorfer’s exhibit was covered by The Washington Post earlier this week.


Oberndorfer is best known for his paintings that offer mouthwatering paintings of sugary treats that include chocolate, chewing gum, Peeps candies, ice cream, lollipops, donuts and, at The Shelby poolside, popsicles.


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Cory about his work featured in The Shelby. 


1. What piece(s) do you have in The Shelby?

I have 4 pieces from my recent series, Pop Everlasting, that were transformed into weatherproof art installations (4’x8′) by SwatchRoom so that they could be installed outside by The Shelby pool.




2. What was the inspiration behind these pieces?

I created a series of popsicle paintings. A cherry twinpop, an orange creamsicle, a bombpop, and an orange pushpop.  The popsicles capture the essence of youth and innocence. During the freedom of summer, there is no containing the excitement of a child who spots an ice cream truck.


3. What does ‘Americana’ mean to you?

I grew up in the working class Midwest, where we spent our days playing baseball in the park and trying to finish our ice cream cones before they melted. On any given night, we were at the bowling alley, or catching the latest movie at the single-screen cinema, or maybe just playing outside until our moms yelled for us to come in for the night.


You can learn more about Cory and view his work on his website. You can follow him Instagram to fulfill any sweet cravings you may have during the day. His work is currently on exhibit through October 3, 2014 at  BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, Maryland.  We highly recommend going to see it!