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Posted on 06.26.14
The Shelby

5 Things YOU Need to Know About The Shelby

With this being our first post for The Shelby, we wanted to give you some background on this incredible project that has been 4-years in the making.


The Shelby is the result of a vision – brought to fruition through a huge amount of teamwork, the belief that a small group of people can make a big difference, and the courage to test the limits in an industry where the norm is rarely challenged.

Shelby Front elevation_14_05_23 2

We are VERY proud of this project and the collective stories of our community, partners, and collaborators.  Before we dive into these stories on this blog, there are a few things we want you to know about The Shelby.


1. The Name and Theme – The Shelby: Americana Redefined.  We wanted to take a modern approach to the rich history of this area by selecting a name that spoke to the craftsmen, inventors, thinkers, artists, and athletes that were willing to take a risk throughout history and that risk resulted in something revolutionary: Henry Ford, Muhammad Ali, Thomas Edison, Charles Goodyear, and Isaac Singer to name a few.  We are paying homage to these forward-thinkers by creating an environment that will showcase these pivotal moments in history through the eyes of our creative collaboration team:  Americana Redefined.


2. Our Neighborhood – Our location is easily accessible and unique. We are excited to become a member of the Huntington Neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia – located in Fairfax County.  The Huntington Neighborhood is made up of approximately 12,000 residents and is close proximity to Washington DC, Old Town Alexandria and Ft. Belvoir.  The Huntington Metro is walkable and less than a 5-minute drive from The Shelby.  The Mt. Vernon Trail is a 10-minute bike ride and The Belle Haven Marina and Sailing School on the Potomac River is a 5-minute drive.  Start here, go anywhere.


3. Collaboration – Teamwork has been integral in bringing this project together.  The Shelby would not exist without this incredible team: Insight Property Group, John Moriarty & Assoc (JMA), Bozzuto Management as well as multiple local designers, artists and craftsman including Carbon Industrial Design, Gutierrez Studios and SwatchRoom.

Shelby 1

4. What makes us different? Insight Property Group believes in supporting local businesses.  We have sourced the majority of our artwork, fabrication and installations from local artists and craftsmen.  The Washington, DC area has a thriving creative scene and we wanted to highlight this in The Shelby.


5. When are we leasing? Summer 2014!  Sign up HERE for pre-leasing updates.

You can follow us on our journey and get to know more about our team by following our updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.